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RAN Online

You are the one of few hopes who can bring in our new future.

You are the one of few hopes who can bring in our new future.

The story originates with a meteor shower that infected humans with unusual abilities and opened a passage to a dark dimension. The institutes were created to hone their students' newfound abilities so they can fight the unwelcome cross dimensional travelers. You'll find yourself cleaning up the city from all manner of hooligans, bandits, gangsters, and junkies initially, but soon evolve to more demented monsters like cyclops, vampires, humanoid mech hybrids and more. You can lure mobs for AOE attacks or choose PvP and block enemy attacks with the perfectly timed skill combo. Travel automatically with a single click on the map, but beware of agro as you cross dangerous neighborhoods.

Ran Online also provides group vs group battle via Death Match and Club Battles, as well as RvR opportunities with the Conquer System. With quests and plenty of player customization options, there is never a lack of things to do or places to explore.

Unlike more recent MMO titles, you'll find nearly a decade of well-honed content to play through in Ran Online. The game is set in modern city environments, where you join one of 3 training institutes: Mystic Peak, Sacred Gate or Phoenix. Once enrolled, you start by developing one of 6 specialized classes (Brawler, Swordsman, Archer, Shaman, Scientist, and Assassin) as you progress your armor, skills and weapons all the way to level 260! Once you reach level 195, you can unlock a 7th class.

Our players in RAN Online are hardcore gamers that love a good classic MMO. There are many PvP and PvE experiences ahead of your in these modern city environments.

RAN Online


RAN Online

User reviews about RAN Online

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    Best game f2p MMORPG, easy to navigate and to play oe of the best PVP, PVE game I've ever played.   More.

  • index.cs

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    "Old, but community-driven."

    Old, but stable game. It has pretty much retained a style that is competitive and team-oriented, something which othe...   More.

  • VentiMocha

    by VentiMocha

    "Good old classic game"

    The game has been around for now. Plenty of contents available for all type of players..   More.